Growing up in Viet Nam beside parents artist-painters and grandfather war-photographer in the 50’s, I spent my childhood between paintings and archival photographs.  So early on, my youth forcused on people's life, for their secret stories encounters behind each artwork.

Working for a NGO, I was lucky enough to travel and discover the beautiful planet we live on. As soon as time between missions allows me, I devoted myself to photography. Later, I volunteered in visual projects for charity-benevolent associations and local press in Southeast Asia and North Africa.

Living in different cities, different countries, photography became for me a mode of expression. It helped me to enjoy the experience of changing environment. Something about new places nudged the visual side of me. Strange landscapes, shadows and unusual angles fuelled my inspiration.

I always consider myself to be a quiet person, expressing myself through words and images. Somehow, photography is my language of choice. So naturally, imaginary storytelling became my passion. I'm particularly drawn to the poetic impact of artistic photography. I choose and edit the scenes, setting the stage for viewers to bring their imaginations and private meanings to these places made special by my selection and attention. During these last years, my photographic work has followed my feeling of the being belonging to the memories.


France - Europe - International

2018   "Golden eye" prize - 'Men at work" contest by Bazas Phot'Audace

           Collective exhibition Bazas December 2018

2018   Honorable mention - “The clik” contest in Occitania region

2019   Second public prize - “The Middle Empire” contest by Wipplay.com


2019  First jury prize - “Human inside 2nd Ed.” contest by Orange Group, and Wipplay.com, theme “Here we co - Collective intelligence and alternatives”


2019 Finalist with Honorable mention - “Stronger together” contest by Mediterranean Women’s Fund

2019   Second jury prize in series category - “Imaginary journey ” contest by PhotoFolies and Wipplay.com


2020  First jury prize - “Human inside 3rd Ed.”  contest by Orange Group, theme “Human planet - Focus on Europe, a connected area”


2020   First jury prize - “Nikon contest” by Wipplay.com and Nikon school Paris

           Collective exhibition at Nikon Plaza, Paris January 2020

2020  Finalist with Honorable mention - "Mise-en-abîme" contest by Les photographiques and Wipplay.com

2020  Nominee at Fine Art Photography Awards : Fine art, Open theme, Photomanipulation

2020    Second public prize – « Movement » contest by Wipplay.com


2020    Third public prize – “Exotic” contest by Lompography   and Wipplay.com 


2021    "Bazas" prize – “Human moving" contest by Bazas Phot'Audace


2021    Finalist “top 20” – “Geometry” contest by PhotoMenton


2021    Finalist with Honorable mention – “International Monochrome photography awards” in Amateur conceptual Category


2021    First public prize - “Still life” contest by Wipplay.com